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Enjoy Herman Tumurcuoglu's complete product line for SEO and other Digital Marketing services. With years of experience he have successfully been able to provide different strategic digital marketing services within Canadian and US based companies. He thrives in delivering improved visibility with organic as well as local SEO results for small and medium sized businesses.

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Do you know that there are currently millions of potential clients online seeking to follow through with transactions based on a need for specific products or services? Some clients may be in need for a product or service that YOU are currently offering online! It would be unfortunate to be out of reach to a potential loyal customer. The ranking of your website cannot be over-emphasized. Your potential client will undoubtedly take their service to another provider based on low rankings to your website. There is no better way to say this: online visibility is key to the success of your ecommerce business. The chances of gaining success with your company website is very slim when getting low rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and more. What would distinguish a website with low search engine traffic to a website with high search engine traffic is an effective online marketing strategy. There are countless of techniques to implement these types of strategies in order to boost traffic coming to your website. There is no one specific recipe that would suit all online eCommerce as the needs for every website may very well differ based on the type of business in question as well as their clientele.

The Assessment

The service offered by Tumurcuoglu is like no other! With the use of powerful front-line technology, tools and expertise he will meticulously evaluate the nature of your business. He will take the time to meet with you either in person or over the phone. He will ask you questions such as; How is your website set up? Is your website user friendly? Is your website SEO efficient? When assessing your website, He will consider the keywords you would have used in the past in order to ensure that it meets regular SEO standards towards increased leads. An SEO campaign will then be put into place for your company website. He must ensure that the SEO campaign created is effective and that it will bring in more clicks and more visibility to your company website.


Tumurcuoglu will build an extensive strategy that is well founded which will set the right pace towards success with your business. Due to his many years of experience he is very aware of the best
industry-based practices and standards out there. He will, therefore, implement them into a plan catered to your specific need. Every company is different, and every company has different needs. He will guarantee a tailored service to your specific company. He will ensure to follow up with you on a regular basis as well. Tumurcuoglu will always make sure that you are satisfied with his services. He will therefore be in contact with you on a regular basis to ensure that there are no issues or misunderstanding on the journey towards an effective SEO service.


Tumurcuoglu is head of a very effective and tight-knit digital marketing team. This team consists of social media specialists, web developers, content writers and blog posters, data analysts, graphic designers and of course our very own SEO specialist Herman Tumurcuoglu who is also the CEO and Founder of our firm. Upon carefully assessing your needs and carefully creating a strategic plan that will work for you and your team members, Tumurcuoglu will waste no time in executing and implementing the process. He will strategically construct a concise but yet comprehensive schedule of how he will be implementing the plan on a daily basis with follow ups as well. This planning will ensure that you have peace of mind without worrying about the technicalities.

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The main purpose with effective SEO in mind is to convert traffic (visitors) into actual customers by encouraging them to make that first contact, either by telephone, email or requesting a quote. The question now is how to do that? If it were easy everybody would do it. The first step which is actually the most important step is getting to understand your clientele. A business cannot attend to the needs of its customers without first getting to know them. Here at New York SEO Expert Tumurcuoglu will ensure to build a trusting relationship with his clients in order to get a clear understanding of what their needs actually are and how they, in turn, would like to service their clients.

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We deal with real clients, real people and real companies. We strive to make an impact in the lives of our customers with every interaction that is made.


I was really moved by the services offered by NY SEO EXpert. Herman Tumurcuoglu truly took the time to get to know me as an individual as well as to get a better understanding of my company and my vision. Great customer service offered as well! He went beyond my expectations and I am forever grateful.

Peter Selavo - Business Owner

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New York SEO Expert is looking at expanding their offices to another location in the US! Keep you posted.

The Importance of SEO Blogging

Is it a coincidence that we are going to be speaking about writing a blog post when indeed this is a blog post? What is blogging really about? Is it even important? How can we ensure that when we blog we will actually receive the leads that we are looking for. In order to be an effective blogger or content writer, you must actually attain this skill. Contrary to what many believe, it is not as easy as it appears. Always finding a topic of interest to write about does not come automatically. A lot of thought and brainstorming comes into place. You must first consider how the structure of your text will be in order to find a text that will be appealing to your audience. You may assist your viewers to get a better understanding of your topic by providing headings and titles as well as subtitles of your content so that they get an understanding of the main ideas of your posts. When you get your audience to get a profound understanding of what the text will be about and what your writing style is they will tend to gravitate towards your work and eventually share your content with others so that the gratification of reading your content can be mutual. Take that into great consideration and know that your blog post has to have good content in order not to bore your audience.

The first step to great blogging writing is to think before you write! Sounds familiar right? Almost like think before you talk? Well, that rule must be applied when writing content as well. For some, it comes naturally to the point where they do not have to think before writing as they are automatically wired to write on and on and on… To others, they must consider what they are about to write and how they want to write it in order to make the connection and have an impact on their audience. If you are like me where you need to actually think before writing, try considering a few things: What is the actual purpose of your text? Why are you writing what you are writing? What is it for? Who is your audience? What do you want them to know about you or to know about the topic in which you are writing about? Take the time to write down these questions and then take the time to write out the answers in order to get a good understanding of what it is that you are actually doing.


Secondly, you must find out what the structure of your blog is going to be like. Start blogging by either drawing or writing an extensive plan of how your blog is going to be. Now, do not overdo it to the point where you are actually writing the content that will be displayed but takes the time to at least write down keywords. How many paragraphs will you have? What will the body consist of? Will it have an introduction? Will you dive into the content writing right away? How is your conclusion going to be like? Will it be a repetition of your introduction (if any)? These are all points to consider when beginning your blog post.

New York SEO Expert ensures to provide strategic SEO Content that works for both big and small sized establishments.