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Herman Tumurcuoglu is a Montrealer of Armenian background, who founded and is currently the CEO of an Online Reputation Management company in Montreal, Quebec. Upon completion of his education at Concordia’s business school and at Carleton University, Herman quickly became involved in the online search industry and SEO optimization. As the co-founder of and current SEO Expert in Montreal, Herman decided to set out on his own in order to build his own platform for New York SEO Expert.

Tumurcuoglu has 20 years of expertise within the online reputation management & SEO optimization field. With ORM (online reputation management) we have been able to successfully assist numerous businesses to improve their online visibility as well as to manage and enhance their online reputation.

There are so many people that use the internet as a research tool to look up different brands, products and or services on a regular basis. At times the reason for wanting to do these types of research online are work related. Other times it is due to mere curiosity. What exactly are people looking for? Are they looking for general information or are they looking for negative feedback from a customer that once used the service? It is believed that potential and current customers are usually genuinely in high hopes that the customer they are researching are honest and are legitimate. It usually comes as a disappointing shock to the client when negative reviews are posted which then leads them to being completely put off by the company all together and wanting to move on to something else. We are all online journalist in some way; as we are constantly posting or reviewing a company or an experience that we would have had with a company or an individual. These comments are very important. You most probably came across this website because you are a business owner seeking to either create or enhance the online presence for your company. You definitely are at the right place. You understand that the reputation of your company cannot be overemphasized as people usually go online now when they need an answer to their problem or require specific information regarding a product or service.

Developing and maintaining a successful online presence is indeed attainable. Even in the event that there are negative reviews online about your company, there is always a way of fixing that! Tumurcuoglu is here to help you. Your success is truly at your own fingertips and cannot be managed by anyone else. He is more than willing to contribute to the success of your brand image as well as the success of your company. Whether the services are required for a start-up company or to enhance the online services of an established company, he will work persistently at presenting you with the most prevailing and applicable tools out there towards improved visibility.