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The Importance of SEO Blogging

Is it a coincidence that we are going to be speaking about writing a blog post when indeed this is a blog post? What is blogging really about? Is it even important? How can we ensure that when we blog we will actually receive the leads that we are looking for. In order to be an effective blogger or content writer, you must actually attain this skill. Contrary to what many believe, it is not as easy as it appears. Always finding a topic of interest to write about does not come automatically. A lot of thought and brainstorming comes into place. You must first consider how the structure of your text will be in order to find a text that will be appealing to your audience. You may assist your viewers to get a better understanding of your topic by providing headings and titles as well as subtitles of your content so that they get an understanding of the main ideas of your posts. When you get your audience to get a profound understanding of what the text will be about and what your writing style is they will tend to gravitate towards your work and eventually share your content with others so that the gratification of reading your content can be mutual. Take that into great consideration and know that your blog post has to have good content in order not to bore your audience.

The first step to great blogging writing is to think before you write! Sounds familiar right? Almost like think before you talk? Well, that rule must be applied when writing content as well. For some, it comes naturally to the point where they do not have to think before writing as they are automatically wired to write on and on and on… To others, they must consider what they are about to write and how they want to write it in order to make the connection and have an impact on their audience. If you are like me where you need to actually think before writing, try considering a few things: What is the actual purpose of your text? Why are you writing what you are writing? What is it for? Who is your audience? What do you want them to know about you or to know about the topic in which you are writing about? Take the time to write down these questions and then take the time to write out the answers in order to get a good understanding of what it is that you are actually doing.


Secondly, you must find out what the structure of your blog is going to be like. Start blogging by either drawing or writing an extensive plan of how your blog is going to be. Now, do not overdo it to the point where you are actually writing the content that will be displayed but takes the time to at least write down keywords. How many paragraphs will you have? What will the body consist of? Will it have an introduction? Will you dive into the content writing right away? How is your conclusion going to be like? Will it be a repetition of your introduction (if any)? These are all points to consider when beginning your blog post.

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